It’s official. My first ever job interview as a real person is tomorrow at 11 AM, and it is for a writing position. Not a creative writing position, mind you–just writing Internet content. Essentially, I would be writing blog entries professionally. I’d have to learn about things like Search Engine Optimization (which I already have a tenuous grasp on), and maybe learn lots of stuff about lots of things I currently don’t even know enough about to know that I know nothing about them. It sounds like a great position, though, and it would be fantastic to stop worrying about the money issue.

I am, understandably I suppose, excited. Not just at the prospect of getting a job offer, but mostly at the prospect of getting a job in writing straight out of college. How often does that happen–going straight into a career writing with an English degree? Without having to wait tables or work as a barista or something? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course–I’d actually love to work either of those jobs for the sheer experience of it. But to not have to. Wonderful.

The urge to count my chickens is overwhelming, but I’m trying to keep a straight head about it. ‘d like to write a proper entry today, but frankly, I am too busy worrying about tomorrow’s interview. Perhaps I will bonus entry this week to make up for it. What say ye?

Excitedly yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“There is no certainly. Only opportunity.” -V for Vendetta

Progress Report

I need to get back to writing. Graduation shenanigans threw me all off. I also have to re-set my final goal date. Okay, it’s official: I’m posting on Wednesday to take care of business.

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