Pros and CONS

This might be a sad thing for a scifi nerd to confess, but I have never been to a convention. Of any kind. Despite the fact that Seattle is one of the biggest cities for cons, with PAX, Sakuracon, Geek Girl Con and Emerald City Comicon taking the headlining spots. The thing about cons is that they cost money, and the thing about money is that I don’t have any of it. So. I have never been to a con.

Tomorrow, however, this is going to change. Yes, you heard me–I’m attending a nerd convention. Not a big one–it’s called Foolscap, and it’s taking place in Redmond Town Center over the weekend. It’s specifically directed toward science fiction and fantasy writers, and I suspect that it is going to be super low-key and mostly discussion-based. There are no big names or costume (I think.) But, I am nevertheless excited.

I don’t actually have anything else to say about Foolscap at the moment, but I would not be surprised if the next few weeks sees a lot of related posts on this blog. So…be prepared for that, I suppose.

Excitedly yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” -Bill Gates

P.S. If anyone is interested, these are the titles of the talks I’m most excited for/curious about (I ended that sentence with two prepositions; I am God):

  1. New Hoaxes and Truth Abuse
  2. All the (Doctor) Who’s in Who-ville
  3. Sexy Androids: Threat or Menace (or Awesome?)
  4. Rust Never Sleeps: the Theme of Decay
  5. Steampunk -> Zombies -> What Next?
  6. Radio Play: A Study in Emerald
  7. Intoxicants of the Future
  8. Monster Self-Actualization

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