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Anniversaries are for Winners

Greetings, Whooshians! Do you know what day it is? If your guess was my best friend’s birthday, you would be correct (unfortunately I cannot link you to his blog, because despite the fact that he is a brilliantly talented musician/writer/thinker who really ought to be sharing his awesomeness with the Internet, he doesn’t have one). But it is also a day of importance for a far more salient reason: this blog is one year old exactly today! And wouldn’t you know it–it falls on a Thursday.

Do not think I planned this. I am not that talented at planning things.

I was going to do something exciting for the one-year anniversary of this blog, like write a short story or draw a comic or something, but in true Whoosh… style, I completely forgot about it and spent the last two weeks making various birthday presents instead (seriously, guys, why do you ALL HAVE APRIL BIRTHDAYS??? This is ridiculous). So you’ll just have to settle for something pretty:

Thanks for an awesome year. Let’s have another one.

Also in the news today:

1. Another friend of mine had a birthday yesterday. He takes awesome pictures. You should probably go look at them.

2. I found these yesterday morning:

Sometimes I think the universe rewards me with four leaf clovers when I make good decisions or do something right or just generally behave like a better, more competent person than I actually am. But then I remember that I’m not superstitious, so I give them away to strangers. People are remarkably suspicious of me when I do this.

3. I’ve just been hired to write for an online movie review website called FlickBoom, and my first review is on American Reunion. The site is super hilarious, so you should probably add it to your bookmarks bar and check it every day. That would be, y’know, the smart thing to do. :D I’m really excited to join the fabulous Rebecca Wilson in being snarky at everything Hollywood has to offer, so come join us. Huzzah!

That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.

Anciently yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” -Benjamin Franklin

3 thoughts on “Anniversaries are for Winners”

    1. I’m not. I’m Whoosh. It’s just that I accidentally typo-ed “Woosh” on one of my banners and I can’t figure out how to delete banners once I’ve loaded them. Someday maybe I will bother to do something about it….

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