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Oh god. I am the worst blogger ever. In my defense, I have been writing two movie reviews a week, and that sort of took up my two-posts-a-week writing time. You should definitely go see what I’ve been up to on Flickboom. :D (Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman, Madagascar 3 and Earthbound are my most recent reviews)

In other news, um…well, to be honest, I haven’t posted because I haven’t anything to say. My life is all movies and writing at the moment, which hasn’t helped with inspiring Topics For Conversation over here. Sometimes I feel like coming up with things to write about here is like coming up with lesson plans for some sort of literature or creative writing course, and frankly I would make an awful teacher. I haven’t the passion nor the patience. Or the diligence.

But I’ve already started rambling, so I might as well carry on.

Recently, I have been trying to do the JuNoWriMo thing. I say “trying” because while I was perfectly on target for the first 15k, I then went on vacation and now that’s all shot to hell. Currently trying to decide if I should just aim for a Nano-like pace for the rest of the month, or if I should completely lose my mind and go for broke with 50k by the end of it all. I have a bad track record of going for broke when it is utterly inadvisable, so I suppose we’ll see what happens.

I want to write about the thing that I am writing, but I also have a bad track record with that. For some reason, I just hate talking about stories before I’ve finished them. It gives a false sense of having already written them when they’re actually only in my head, and considering that I’ve already been struggling to get this one on paper for about a year, I have to start getting superstitious about it. The obvious problem with that, though, is that you can’t actually talk about any of the issues that arise because no one knows what the hell you’re talking about.

Writing. No one said it was easy. At least, no one who’s actually tried it.

Maybe I will come up with something real to write about next time. For now, I’m just blowing the dust off a bit in the hopes that I can get things running again. No promises.

In other news, I have to go see That’s My Boy tonight. Kill me now. Please.

Reluctantly yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” -Ernest Hemingway

P.S. Here’s a thing that has just occurred to me. Which came first: the tuxedo, or awareness of penguins in western society? Either way, I wish I could have been there when that connection was made, because there are only two possible ways it could have gone down. Either 1) Western explorers come across penguins, and are astounded to realize that these strange little waddling arctic (or Australian) creatures have tuxedos built into them, or, alternately, 2) Western explorers came across those same strange little waddling critters and thought, I would look so slick if I dressed like them.

I hope it was number 2.

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