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I’m a video game writer!

No, really, guys. That headline. It’s true. This awesome gaming start-up called Flat Toe Studio hired me to write their story for them and I am freaking PSYCHED. Who wouldn’t be? I get to write a video game! Well, kind of. I mean, I have been hired and I do get to write the game, but the thing is that whether or not the game will actually happen is still a question mark. The great thing about indie games is that you can retain creative control and make games that are unique and interesting, but the trouble is that they can sometimes be hard to find funding for. This game is no different, which is why there’s a kickstarter campaign to get us off the ground. And it would be excellent if you donated to it! You know. If you want to.


Of course I’m not going to ask you to just give my company money without a sales pitch, so let me tell you a little bit about the awesomeness that is Minions & Immortals. It’s shameless plug time, yo! As the name implies, Minions & Immortals is a game of gods. Players take on the persona of an immortal–one of many who have fallen from power and found themselves stranded on the world of Aetheria. As you can imagine, this is not an ideal situation for a deity, so you immediately start building up your power again by finding minions and recruiting them to your cause. And, you know, possessing them. Because you’re a damn god and that’s just the kind of shit you do.

Since it’s a social game, M&I also lets you interact with other players, through team-ups and battles and guilds. There are two basic ideological divisions–the Dominion (order) and the Discord (chaos). What sets M&I apart from other social gaming platforms is that it’s designed specifically for iOS, so you can check in with your minions and your empire from your mobile phone when you’re bored on the bus or waiting for your movie to start or whatever. It’s kind of like having your own little cult in your pocket.

Also I’m writing it, so, you know. It’s probably going to be more tongue in cheek than most straight fantasy games are. And the people I’m working with are all just as quirky as I am (seriously, check out the about section on our website for bios), so I have no doubt that it’s going to be a really fun game to play. Check it out if I’ve piqued your interest. It would be much appreciated!

Sorry for the whole post dedicated to selling you something, but I’m really excited about this, okay. Deal with it.

Next week I’m going to complain about Wreck-It Ralph. You’ve been warned.

Yours at a discounted rate,
M.M. Jordahl

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” -Mark Twain

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