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Things I Saw at SDCC

As I type this, it is Sunday evening of San Diego Comicon weekend, and though it is only 9 PM, I estimate that I have about twenty minutes until my brain quits functioning entirely and I turn into an exhaustion-laden nerd zombie incapable of anything other than muttering “sleeeeeeep” and drooling down my own shirt. The w00tstout I just had at Stone Brewery is not helping my coherence. But I have never missed a blog pact deadline in the year and a half that it has been in existence, and thus, the post must go on. And so I present to you:

5 Things I Saw At SDCC

1. Party King Tranduil and Loki, Bastard Son of Asgard, chatting politely over coffee.

I wonder who did the asking on this particular date. I wonder how long they are going to pretend that this is not, in fact, a date, and that they are just a couple of friends casually sharing a coffee. I wonder how caffeine affects the biological systems of Elves and Frost Giants, respectively. I wonder how many words there are in King Thranduil’s Starbucks drink order, and how much, exactly, Loki is willing to pay for something that is, ultimately, just a cup of coffee. I bet it’s a lot.

2. Indignant Chewbacca refusing to dance.

“I’m a wookie, not a gymnast. I don’t twist.” -overheard at a nightclub at 12.30 AM

3. Toothless the terrifying plushie(s).

More than one Toothless the Night Fury plushie was found. Not a single one of them managed to capture the impossible adorableness of the animated Toothless. But they were spot on about the nightmare fodder aspect:


4. An entire crowded night club belting out the Pokemon theme song at the top of their lungs.

…and the Sailor Moon theme song and the Mortal Kombat theme song and the Mario theme song and the Bohemian Rhapsody and of course every song that came out between 1995 and 2000 and a healthy dose of Weird Al to round out the mix. We’re not an easily identifiable demographic at all. What are you talking about.

5. Japanese disaster film monsters: showgirl kickline cancan edition.

You heard me.

In short, Comicon was spectacular. Big ups and much love to my friend Gavin for securing me a ticket, many meaningful stares at my friend Elise for being my partner in crime for the weekend, and a whole lot of poorly executed dance moves to express my enthusiasm for the general cloud of modern geek culture. Everything is awesome. Good night.

Geekily yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“It’s you and me. I know it’s my destiny. Pokemon.”

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