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Why Disney Princesses Are Badass (Part 1)

People love to rag on Disney for giving little girls unrealistic expectations about their lives, and they have a point. Almost all of those girls were gorgeous with amazing singing voices, and they all ended up marrying a wonderful prince (except Pocahontas. And Jasmine, since technically Aladdin isn't a prince), and lived happily ever after (I choose… Continue reading Why Disney Princesses Are Badass (Part 1)

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Having spent the week revising my prologue and first chapter (since I didn't have the weekend, I figured I could take the slightly shorter route this week; new chapter next time), I've come to one major conclusion: Mythologies are hard to invent. I mean, the thing about mythologies is that they reflect the cultures they… Continue reading Mythology

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Today I have three orders of business: 1) I suck. As you may have noticed, there was no post on Friday. I wish I could say that I have a good excuse for that, but I don't. My excuse is that I forgot it was Friday. I told you it wasn't a good one. I… Continue reading Apologies


Aladdin (Part 3)

Hello, hello! Like I mentioned last week, I've written more on this Aladdin thingy-ma-bob, despite protests that I ought to be working on Frankenstein or BotG. So many haters! But it's finals, life is crazy and this is what I have, so it's what you get. I still have no idea where this thing is… Continue reading Aladdin (Part 3)


Aladdin (part 2)

Happy memorial day weekend, everybody! Aren't 3 day weekends the greatest invention of all time? I mean, they're also a satanic tool used to trick you into thinking you'll have enough time to finish your projects over the weekend, because you'll have a whole extra day to work on them, even though you're still going… Continue reading Aladdin (part 2)