Aladdin (Part 3)

Hello, hello! Like I mentioned last week, I've written more on this Aladdin thingy-ma-bob, despite protests that I ought to be working on Frankenstein or BotG. So many haters! But it's finals, life is crazy and this is what I have, so it's what you get. I still have no idea where this thing is… Continue reading Aladdin (Part 3)


Aladdin (part 2)

Happy memorial day weekend, everybody! Aren't 3 day weekends the greatest invention of all time? I mean, they're also a satanic tool used to trick you into thinking you'll have enough time to finish your projects over the weekend, because you'll have a whole extra day to work on them, even though you're still going… Continue reading Aladdin (part 2)

Fairytales, New Story


Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday... ...well, it had to happen sometime. Might as well get it out of the way now, right? So anyway, it is Friday and I have a new story for you. Well, sort of. I have the beginning of a new story. I started it at Write Away! yesterday… Continue reading Aladdin