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A Fictional Interlude

Hello! I have not been an inspired blogger lately. The flip side of this is that I have been a very inspired writer. These things seem to see-saw with one another. In light of this, instead of writing a blog post this week, I'm going to post a tiny fiction tidbit I found in an… Continue reading A Fictional Interlude

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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

This little book came to me almost entirely by accident. I found it in a used book store, which I was only perusing because a friend of mine was late for our dinner plans. By all rights I should never have come across this little beauty, but when I saw this gorgeously designed cover peering… Continue reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

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Baba Yaga Laid an Egg: a Review

I've had Croatia on the mind lately, due to an impending family trip back to the home country and all the extensive planning that's begun to go into it, so I figured I ought to read at least some Croatian literature, at some point. When I found out that one of my beloved Canongate Myths novels was… Continue reading Baba Yaga Laid an Egg: a Review

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The Canongate Myths series

~~Blog Pact default! Thanks to Anne, Mike, & Brendan, we all get to write punishment posts this week, which means BONUS FRIDAY POST. Thanks, guys! Go team!~~ I recommend a lot of books on this blog, but I don't recommend a lot of series. This is because I don't typically read books that come in… Continue reading The Canongate Myths series

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Ulan and the Whales

Once again, Bottom of the Garden absolutely devoured all of my creative energy this week. I suppose that's a good thing, because it means I'm making progress on that story, but it also means that making new things for this blog is becoming quite a bother. Rather than totally cop-out this week, I've decided to… Continue reading Ulan and the Whales