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Sexy Costumes in the Real World

I have this friend, Mel, who is one of the most absurdly talented people I know. Her talents extend in many directions, but one of the most impressive branches of her creativity is her costuming. Seriously, the girl is like a cosplay ninja--she does things with wearable electronics that border on witchcraft. Here is a… Continue reading Sexy Costumes in the Real World

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Reversing the Damsel in Distress Trope

If you spend any amount of time in either feminist or gamer circles online, chances are you know about Anita Sarkeesian. If not, you should absolutely check out her web series Feminist Frequency, because what she lacks in delivery (seriously, Anita, I love you, but learn to inflect) she makes up for in detailed research and thought-provoking… Continue reading Reversing the Damsel in Distress Trope

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Song Messages That Need to Stop

Have you ever noticed how songs seem to always be about the same things? There are exceptions, of course--there's only one Thrift Shop or Red Solo Cup--but for the most part, songs are written along the same basic lines. I do not have a problem with this. Generally, what popular music lacks in creativity it makes up… Continue reading Song Messages That Need to Stop

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Women in Supernatural

This post was suppose to go out in two weeks, but a blog pact member defaulted this week, so you're getting it now. Enjoy! Before I bust into this post, two disclaimers are in order. First: I have only recently (read: about five months ago) begun watching Supernatural, and am now in the middle of… Continue reading Women in Supernatural

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Why “You’re Beautiful” is a Terrible Pick-Up Line

This post is going to be slightly off-topic from the sort of thing I generally talk about, because this has nothing to do with books or stories or movies or anything like that at all (I suspect there are going to be more of these non-media-related posts in April because, oops, I can't actually read/watch… Continue reading Why “You’re Beautiful” is a Terrible Pick-Up Line