Life Update

Ringing in the New Year

Oh, hello. That’s right. I have a blog. I should probably write in it.

The holidays got a bit hectic, unfortunately, which resulted in me getting lazy and not updating for two weeks. Horrors. But it is the new year now, and the new year is a time for resolutions apparently, so tradition mandates that I offer a number of outlandish goals that I will strive heartily to achieve for a few weeks, then utterly give up on and return to pointlessly browsing the internet. That’s how resolutions work, right?

Eh. I’ve never been charmed with the idea of resolutions for that very reason: with the possible exception of my friend Scarlett and her fight against road rage, no one ever keeps them. Thus, instead of resolutions, I’m going to offer goals, which I will hopefully achieve over the course of the next few months if not the coming year.

Things I Want to Get Done

  1. Post on blog bi-weekly. Figure out what the point of this thing actually is, because for serious, I have to be the most ADD blogger on the interwebz (as unlikely as that is, given the vastness of the thing).
  2. Let’s actually write that novel, hey?
  3. Finish a short story that’s submission-worthy and actually submit it to places. Possibly do this three times?
  4. Find a job. This probably should have been number one.
  5. Finish reading all of the books on books-to-read shelf. There are 40 of them. Consider including reading list on blog?
  6. Be more interesting on the Internet in general.

That last one is worth further elaboration. Basically, I am doing my best to slowly conquer the digital sphere and makes its natives my slaves, but I don’t think I’ve been doing a very good job of coordinating my efforts. So, for the sake of posterity and to hopefully make it easier to find me in all the places, here’s a list:

Twitter: @MMJordahl

Apparently, the goal is to make it so that if you add “mmjordahl.” to the beginning of any URL, I will pop up. It’s like saying Bloody Mary into a mirror three times, only instead of dying, you are mildly entertained.

There are a couple other things possibly going, but nothing worth discussing at this juncture (because I am also like a train). Regular posts resume Sunday, hopefully for all of time. Until then, Happy New Year, everybody. <3

Practically yours,
M.M. Jordahl

Robert Heinlein’s Rules for Getting Published:
1. Write it.
2. Finish it.
3. Send it out.
4. Keep sending it out until someone sends you a check.

On pg. 47 of An Abundance of Katherines by John Green


P.S. The suggested tags for this post were “digital sphere” and “road rage.” I probably would have gone with “resolutions,” considering the time of year, but whatever floats your boat, WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year”

  1. Your order of priorities is perfect. Leave the job hunt in there, but don’t let it get all big-headed by putting it first.

    Odd as it sounds, the closest thing I have to a NY resolution is “go for more long walks.” Last time I that, I wrote a novel. Oh yeah, and I guess one of those job things for me too…

    I don’t know that your blog needs to be anything other than what it is. It’s a voice, it’s entertaining, it doesn’t patronise its audience. That, at the very least, is an excellent beginning. Incidentally, how are you finding Twitter? People tell me it’s a necessity for getting your voice heard, thus far I’ve mostly said “…hm?”

    1. Twitter is…well, it’s twitter. I’m not exactly making a herculean effort to get friendly with it. Mostly I use it to stalk Neil Patrick Harris and Tim Minchin. But it’s fun, in its own way. You should get one and then I will follow you, and you will feel popular!

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