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I Read It First: Paper Towns

And now we come to the book-to-movie adaptation from one half of my inspiration for this series. Oh, John Green. I have such complicated feelings about you as an author. Excellent feelings about you as a human being, but as an author, just...complicated. This is also the only book on this year's movie list that… Continue reading I Read It First: Paper Towns

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Fan Fiction that Transcends Fandom

I've written about fan fiction before, so you all know how I feel about it (what? you mean you haven't read the entire backlog of this blog? What, do you have a life or something? How rude), but to sum up: fan fiction is great. It's an excellent way to interact with a story that you… Continue reading Fan Fiction that Transcends Fandom

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A Rant About Linguistic Pedantry

Hey guys, remember that time I got all up in the prescriptive vs. descriptive grammar debate? Yeah, it's time for more of that.One of my favorite channels on YouTube is the Mental Floss channel, which is narrated by John Green and regularly comes out with videos full of Top-whatever lists about history and science and… Continue reading A Rant About Linguistic Pedantry

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That which we call a Sue…. usually a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. For serious, guys & gals, can we talk about Manic Pixie Dream Girls? Because man are they annoying. I realize this might not be a trope that everyone is familiar with, but it's incredibly prevalent, especially in "indy" or "nerdy" books/movies, so I guarantee you've run up against it. But,… Continue reading That which we call a Sue….

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Ringing in the New Year

Oh, hello. That's right. I have a blog. I should probably write in it. The holidays got a bit hectic, unfortunately, which resulted in me getting lazy and not updating for two weeks. Horrors. But it is the new year now, and the new year is a time for resolutions apparently, so tradition mandates that… Continue reading Ringing in the New Year