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Blogging on Tour: My Writing Process

So, technically I was suppose to post this on Wednesday, but I just feel weird posting things on days that aren't Monday without a punishment involved. It's like punishing myself for not having done anything. At any rate, here we are now: a blog tour! I was tagged in this lovely blogified chain letter by… Continue reading Blogging on Tour: My Writing Process

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The Car Stereo Game

Yellow! (It rhymes with hello--get it?) Tomorrow is my little brother's 21st birthday. My little brother is pretty great as little brothers go, and I like him well enough, so his pending birthday has me remembering funny shit that happened when we were little. Remembering it made me want to write about it, so I… Continue reading The Car Stereo Game

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Fan Fiction that Transcends Fandom

I've written about fan fiction before, so you all know how I feel about it (what? you mean you haven't read the entire backlog of this blog? What, do you have a life or something? How rude), but to sum up: fan fiction is great. It's an excellent way to interact with a story that you… Continue reading Fan Fiction that Transcends Fandom

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Great Artists Steal

Earlier this evening, I went to see a play at the Seattle Bathhouse Theater--a small community theater on Greenlake where tickets are by donation and the majority of the shows are put on by drama classes. This theater has a wonderful tradition of either commissioning plays to be written specifically for the acting troop in… Continue reading Great Artists Steal

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Stories With No Conflict

There's a common saying in writing classes--one of the first you will ever hear--that goes like this: stories require conflict. If you don't have a conflict, you don't have a story. This is good advice most of the time, because characters who go through their whole story with nothing but smooth sailing are boring as… Continue reading Stories With No Conflict