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Blogging on Tour: My Writing Process

So, technically I was suppose to post this on Wednesday, but I just feel weird posting things on days that aren't Monday without a punishment involved. It's like punishing myself for not having done anything. At any rate, here we are now: a blog tour! I was tagged in this lovely blogified chain letter by… Continue reading Blogging on Tour: My Writing Process


You’re Doing It Wrong

I am a McGuyver of everyday life. You know those pictures you sometimes come across on the internet that feature things like wires and duct tape and nails holding together an old TV, usually labeled something like "redneck HD"? That is my life. A combination of frugality, pack-rat mentality and just plain laziness has made… Continue reading You’re Doing It Wrong


I’m a bad person.

More specifically, I'm a bad blogger. I would blame all of you for being bad enforcers, except that I've been writing about entrepreneurship at work, and you can only read so many "take responsibility!" and "go out and achieve your dreams!"  blog entries on inspirational websites before you start feeling like all your failures are… Continue reading I’m a bad person.

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Acheivement Unlocked

I am proud to report that, today, I procrastinated on posting this. For the first time, this blog actually lived up to its name: the Art of Procrastination. In honor of this, and because I have left myself very little time to come up with something worth actually writing, I've made you a list: 5… Continue reading Acheivement Unlocked

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Writing Habits

Hey, kids. I have a question. I want to know if I'm alone in this: Do you make playlists for your characters? I mean, I know that lots of people have playlists for specific stories, and almost everyone listens to music of some sort while they're writing (let me know if you don't!), but how… Continue reading Writing Habits