It’s Okay to Not Like Fan Fiction

Quite a while back, I wrote a post called In Defense of Fan Fiction, where I basically just got upset at authors who don't think people should write fan fiction of their work. I stand by that post 100%; this one is not in opposition to it, but rather in conjunction. Because lately, I've seen… Continue reading It’s Okay to Not Like Fan Fiction

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Fan Fiction that Transcends Fandom

I've written about fan fiction before, so you all know how I feel about it (what? you mean you haven't read the entire backlog of this blog? What, do you have a life or something? How rude), but to sum up: fan fiction is great. It's an excellent way to interact with a story that you… Continue reading Fan Fiction that Transcends Fandom


In Defense of Fan Fiction

An article came out recently that made me very, very sad. And a little bit mad. Here is the article, if anyone wants to go read it, but I summarize thusly: many famous, very popular authors are vehemently opposed to fan fiction. Not only do they disapprove of it, but many of them consider it… Continue reading In Defense of Fan Fiction