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Reflections on BEDA

Well, folks, I seem to have made it to the end. Today is the last day of BEDA. 30 days, 30 blog posts, 24 different topics (have you seen Easy A yet? Because you should see Easy A. I wrote eight blog posts about it). Somehow I managed to pull this off, though I am not really sure how. In order to address this confusion, I thought I would write a little reflection piece in which I interview myself about the experience. This might only be funny to me, but frankly I think that’s justification enough.

Yup. That sure is the back of my head.

Hello! Thank you for coming!

…I live here. So do you. We are the same person.

Really? That’s how you want to start this interview? With attitude?

I didn’t start this interview. You started it. I was just pointing out the absurdity in thanking me for being here when I am always here, assuming that “here” means “inside of this body,” because we do, in fact, share a body. And a brain. We are the same person.

…you know, I’m kind of irritating.

I know. We should work on that. But we can talk about it later. What’s your first question?

Right! First question! You’ve just written 30 blog posts in 30 days and some of them didn’t suck. How does it feel?

It doesn’t really feel like anything. I guess it kind of feels like I just finished a really big final homework assignment that’s been plaguing me all quarter, except that I know I have to post again next week, so it’s not like it’s summer break or anything. Although it is kind of summer break, because my work load is going to be a lot lighter now. I guess it is kind of like it being summer break, except I’m in summer school so I still have a little bit of homework. It’s a small victory in the name of diligence.

What was the hardest part of doing BEDA?

Coming up with shit to write about every day. I had a huge advantage starting out with that block of posts about Easy A, because they gave me a set direction to write in for the first week or so, but once it was over there were a lot of question marks. I definitely spent a lot of time staring at my DVD and book collections, willing them to provide me with an idea. Sometimes it worked, but mostly I think I just looked deranged demanding answers from inanimate objects.

What was your favorite post?

My favorite one to write was Depressing musical interlude!! :D, because I basically just spent three hours listening to music that makes me laugh. The one I thought turned out the best was Spam is Poetry, because I expected it to be a throw-away post but it actually turned into an interesting little experiment. I am thinking of doing another spam poem some time, because I have gotten so many more excellent one-liners in the intervening weeks.

Are there any posts you wish you could take back?

I wouldn’t take any of them down, but I would do a bit more editing on Why Battle Royale and the Hunger Games are Not the Same. I don’t think I said anything that was wrong in it, but it is entirely too long and would have been much more effective if I’d taken the time to cut it down a bit.

Would you ever do BEDA again?

I don’t know. Maybe? It would be a terrible idea to do it again, just like it was a terrible idea to do it this time. But then I am a sucker for terrible ideas, so yeah, I will probably end up doing it again at some point.

What did you learn during BEDA?

That I have a lot of goddamn opinions about media. Seriously, I need to shut the hell up.

You’re telling me.

I’m telling myself?



Last question! What are you going to do next???

Go to Disneyland! Oh wait, I was just there yesterday…nevermind. I am going to return to my regular posting schedule, as enforced by my incredibly awesome blog pact mates Alexandria and Anne, and newcomer to the pact Heather Lynn. Go check them out if you haven’t already! This means that for the forseeable future posts will be happening at 8.30 AM Pacific Standard Time, on Monday mornings, with maybe an occasional bonus post if I am feeling antsy or if somebody fucks up on the blog pact and we all have to get punished with extra work.

Why would you all get punished?

Collective suffering is a great motivator. Are we done here?

Yes. Wait! No! One more question!

You can’t ask me that. This is the Internet. This shit is permanent.

I am a journalist. My duty is to the truth.

Fine. You can ask, but remember that whatever I answer also applies to you.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ll just show myself out, shall I then?

Inquisitively yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“Death will be a great relief. No more interviews.” -Katharine Hepburn

P.S. Writing this post reminded me of this awesome interview Serj Tankian (of System of a Down) did with himself to promote his solo album.

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