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Spam Poetry: the Last Minute One

I woke up fifteen minutes ago and realized I hadn’t yet written a post for today. Well done, me! Thus, here we are, with the latest installation of Spam Poetry. This time around, my spam folder had a lot of very important information to share with us….

Things to Keep in Mind

WhIle publIshIng these IslamIc books we
keep In mInd the Interests of people around.So,
Kate Spade, what you are lookIng for,
choose the best copIes

“Creatives” have their own password
strength and many of these
programs are found for you
to use your sort having to do with intelligence.

Females of the species prefer
to mate with those males that are
brighter and have more color.

If you speak to Tortimer
on any of these days, he will give you
either a sparkler
or a Roman candle.

It can also be charged or connected to another device through the audio and USB ports.

In addition, the observing surgeons
could transmit their comments
to the operating surgeon, who
could read them on the Google Glass monitor.

Introduction of plant sterols into food
might lower coronary heart problems for all.
Its aim is to assist you to
conveniently manage your docs and Black –
Berry content while you would on a computer.
Most from the time bees show up beyond nowhere in most gardens
they don’t really stay because there is not enough
of what they are looking for to adhere around.

We humans possess a special relationship and attachment to plants.

That’s it; my space is currently being watched by
the closed circuit camera, in color,
with sound for only a fraction of what it could cost to obtain
a camera in a clock radio.

But it seems Memorial Day wasn’t important enough to Google.


Tardily yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“what does mean mean in math terms” -spam comment

1 thought on “Spam Poetry: the Last Minute One”

  1. I enjoy this one a lot:

    If you speak to Tortimer
    on any of these days, he will give you
    either a sparkler
    or a Roman candle.

    I feel like it belongs in a slightly weird /magical realism novel (my favorite kind).

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