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Drunk Movie Monday – FernGully

Know what movie I re-watched lately and discovered I did not remember very well at all?

I did not have enough alcohol to thoroughly enjoy this masterpiece, but forewarned is forearmed, so I’m recommending it to you for October’s Drunk Movie Monday.

The film: FernGully: the Last Rainforest (1992)

The premise: Crysta is a young fairy pristess, destined to take over magical protection of the rainforest from her grandmother Magi. When the rainforest is threatened by human loggers, who inadvertently released the destruction pollution spirit Hexxus from his tree prison, Crysta must save the rainforest, with help from an escape lab-bat called Batty Koda (voiced by the much-missed Robin Williams), her fairy not-boyfriend, and a human logger called Zak who she accidentally shrunk down to fairy size. Oh, and it’s set in Australia, in the outback, with this whole aborigine backdrop, even though all the fairies are anglo-saxon because of course they are.

Why you should watch it: The thing that you don’t remember about FernGully until you’re actively watching it is that, in addition to having the exact same plot as Avatar, it’s also a musical. A 90s musical. A 90s hip-hop musical.

Oh yes.

I did not remember this about FernGully until Batty Koda crash-landed into the plot and I was treated to three minutes of Robin Williams rapping about how animal testing in laboratories is evil. When I say this movie has a heavy-handed theme, I mean that very seriously. 

Other musical numbers featured in this film: smoke-demon Tim Curry having voice-sex with pollution, a deeply suggestion song about eating somebody sung by a lizard, and the goddamn nanana song which you totally remember and rocked out to, don’t lie.

The drinking game: Drink every time someone hits Batty in the head and inexplicably changes his personality.
Bonus: Just chug your way through the musical numbers. Bottoms up.

Where it’s available: NETFLIX

Yours in questionable environmentalism,
M.M. Jordahl

“I rock and I ramble / My brain is scrambled / Rap like an animal, but I’m a mammal.” -Batty Koda

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