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Fictional Real People

A couple months ago, I read The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean. Getting through it took quite a bit of effort, which was disappointing because it's the source material for one of the most interesting films I've ever seen: Adaptation.. I have mentioned Adaptation before, and like all dutiful book-lovers I try to read movie source material… Continue reading Fictional Real People

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At Depth

Hello. This is going to be a weird post. It is going to be a weird post because I spent this past weekend getting dive certified, which, when done in the Puget Sound, involves a lot of hauling around heavy things and swimming through really cold water while wearing clothing that doesn't like it when… Continue reading At Depth

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This is Not the Zombie Apocalypse

Hey kids. It's ranting time. I don't really have a preamble for this, so let's go. Smart phone users are not zombies. Did you catch that? Should I repeat it? Smart. Phone. Users. Are. Not. Zombies. I have noticed an incredible tendency in both the social media and offline worlds to equate people who use… Continue reading This is Not the Zombie Apocalypse

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Great Artists Steal

Earlier this evening, I went to see a play at the Seattle Bathhouse Theater--a small community theater on Greenlake where tickets are by donation and the majority of the shows are put on by drama classes. This theater has a wonderful tradition of either commissioning plays to be written specifically for the acting troop in… Continue reading Great Artists Steal

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Get Off My Lawn

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite writers! I don't know if I have said that yet, but I figured it was a salient point to mention first in this post. I think that Vonnegut is great, and I own like nine of his books or something. I mean, his stories have a tendency to… Continue reading Get Off My Lawn