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On Genre

One of the biggest things that bothered me about studying creative writing at a university was the insistence that we had to write "Literature," because for-profit writing like genre fiction wasn't worth studying. This bothered me because I view myself as primarily a science fiction kind of writer, and I can also appreciate a good… Continue reading On Genre


Pros and CONS

This might be a sad thing for a scifi nerd to confess, but I have never been to a convention. Of any kind. Despite the fact that Seattle is one of the biggest cities for cons, with PAX, Sakuracon, Geek Girl Con andĀ Emerald City Comicon taking the headlining spots. The thing about cons is that… Continue reading Pros and CONS

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the Frankenstein Theory

Look! It's Friday and I'm posting! It's almost like I'm a competent individual! Aren't you proud of me? :) It has been a very long, writing-intensive week for me. Yesterday I got up at 8 AM and spent almost the entire day writing, until I went to bed at just past midnight. I don't think… Continue reading the Frankenstein Theory