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  Greetings, fellows! I come to you now officially a college graduate, and that is  very strange.  Change is always scary, but I'm hanging in there. Got my first hit on a job application, so hopefully things will work themselves out very soon. In the meantime, I have a new little thing for you! I… Continue reading Afterlife

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the sponge caught fire in the microwave and no one knows why

Sorry to give you old work two weeks in a row, but I had my rough draft of chapter 3 for Bottom of the Garden due today and let me tell you--that thing is a bitch to write. Seriously. I've re-written it three times now. Why me? WHY ME?? Not that I'm complaining. Now that… Continue reading the sponge caught fire in the microwave and no one knows why

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Unlikely Things

It's been a long, long week folks. Much has been going on, especially with the realization that the outline of Garden, upon which I depend for figuring out what to write each time, entirely neglected the actual events of my 3rd chapter. No, Past Me, "they become friends over the years" is not sufficient plot… Continue reading Unlikely Things

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the Frankenstein Theory

Look! It's Friday and I'm posting! It's almost like I'm a competent individual! Aren't you proud of me? :) It has been a very long, writing-intensive week for me. Yesterday I got up at 8 AM and spent almost the entire day writing, until I went to bed at just past midnight. I don't think… Continue reading the Frankenstein Theory