Well, it's official. I am the nerdiest nerd I could possibly be. I have come into this questionably awesome title by way of my boyfriend, and his nerdy, nerdy friends, and their decision to organize a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for the summer. Drew is the DM, and somehow I've ended up being co-DM despite… Continue reading Nerdiness



It's official. My first ever job interview as a real person is tomorrow at 11 AM, and it is for a writing position. Not a creative writing position, mind you--just writing Internet content. Essentially, I would be writing blog entries professionally. I'd have to learn about things like Search Engine Optimization (which I already have… Continue reading Employment?

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Acheivement Unlocked

I am proud to report that, today, I procrastinated on posting this. For the first time, this blog actually lived up to its name: the Art of Procrastination. In honor of this, and because I have left myself very little time to come up with something worth actually writing, I've made you a list: 5… Continue reading Acheivement Unlocked

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Idea Genesis: Ultimately Unimportant

In ancient Greece, genius was thought to exist outside of the body, in the form of a daemon or muse who supplied inspiration for whatever human happened to be attached to them. This was a lovely theory, because it made it easy for writers to answer the question, "Where do you get your ideas?" But… Continue reading Idea Genesis: Ultimately Unimportant