Popular Asshole Dog Breeds

In my non-writing life, I am a dog professional. I hang out with dogs of all varieties basically all day long every day. In this line of work, I have learned more than I never knew there was to know about dogs, including things like "how to express an anal gland" and "how to tell… Continue reading Popular Asshole Dog Breeds

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Drunk Movie Monday – Snow Buddies

I told you there would be posts other than I Read It First! Alright, so it's not Monday, but sometimes Drunk Movie Monday just happens on Thursdays, okay? And this is one of those weeks, because it's a new year, and thus we have a brand-new opportunity to get drunk watching bad films. So why… Continue reading Drunk Movie Monday – Snow Buddies


A Feminist Rant About Dog Humping

As you may or may not know, my day job is at a doggie daycare, where I spend a lot of time hanging out with dogs, observing their behavior and relationships. I also spend a lot of time being mildly bored while hanging out with said dogs, which always gets me thinking. Here's some (possibly… Continue reading A Feminist Rant About Dog Humping

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Red Dog

What? A book review two weeks in a row? It's almost like this is actually a blog about writing and not just TV shows I like. Huzzah! Last week I read Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres, which might very well be one of the cutest books ever. It is super duper short--I was through it… Continue reading Red Dog