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Drunk Movie Monday – They Came Together

You know how Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie are only like 50% funny, and the other 50% is just random jokes that completely fall flat and have very little to do with anything? Yeah, well, this is that for rom coms. The film: They Came Together (2014) The premise: It's a meta rom com that's only about half… Continue reading Drunk Movie Monday – They Came Together

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“Rom Coms” That Aren’t About Romance

Romantic comedy is one of those movie genres that gets completely ignored in the serious film world. The entirety of the genre is written off as nothing but shallow romantic drivel--"chick flicks," if you will. Somewhere along the line, "Rom Com" became synonymous with "frivolous." I think this is stupid. Some of my favorite movies… Continue reading “Rom Coms” That Aren’t About Romance