Memories, Poetry

the Blues

Greetings! I have a silly little thing for today’s post. Lately, my friends at Write Away! have been rather preoccupied with lymricks, so for yesterdays meeting nearly all of us wrote them. This is what I came up with, and I’m considering expanding/illustrating it. That’s probably overly optimistic, but it wouldn’t be the first time. :)

This is also the second poem I’ve written like this. When I was much, much younger I wrote one called “Old Lou” about a rat who use to tell stories to children who came to play on the riverbanks. I really must dig that one up again…

In other news, I hope all of you Seattlites are enjoying the sun as fully as I am, because it’s back to the rain this weekend. Drat. :(

Whimsically yours,
M.M. Jordahl

the Blues

When I was a child of two,
I didn’t have much to do.
So I made up a friend
To be mine ‘til the end—
A sly little snake I called Blue.

Blue was actually yellow,
And he was an interesting fellow.
He couldn’t quite talk,
But he did it a lot,
Hissing his plans with a bellow.

And what wonderful plans he had!
Adventures so totally rad—
We’d sing and fight,
And dance, or fly kites!
Once we even kidnapped my dad!

I wonder where Blue is today.
I bet he still has lots to say.
Maybe he’ll return
When my kids start to yearn
To have something new to play.

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