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Blogger award tag? What?

And now for something completely different! I got nominated for one of those blogger award/tag things (in this case, a Liebster Award) by this lovely individual, and since this is BEDA and coming up with post ideas is freaking hard, man, I'm going to do it. Maybe you will learn something about me that you don't… Continue reading Blogger award tag? What?

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Childhood Superstitions

I have a really weird quirk. Well, really, it's more like an entirely useless superpower, which nevertheless occasionally freaks people out and always inspires disbelief. I've had it literally my whole life, and no, I cannot teach you how to do it. I'm not even really sure how I do it. It's not intentional. I… Continue reading Childhood Superstitions

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the Blues

Greetings! I have a silly little thing for today's post. Lately, my friends at Write Away! have been rather preoccupied with lymricks, so for yesterdays meeting nearly all of us wrote them. This is what I came up with, and I'm considering expanding/illustrating it. That's probably overly optimistic, but it wouldn't be the first time.… Continue reading the Blues

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Young Woman Writing

When I was a freshman in High School, my parents took my brother and me to New York for a week. We stayed in the tiniest of tiny hotel rooms (my mattress had to be stored underneath my brother's bed during the day so we could walk across the room), ate rotten yogurt and delicious… Continue reading Young Woman Writing