Rethinking Stories

Would it be too late to completely re-write Bottom of the Garden? That's a stupid question, I know. How could it be too late to re-write a story I haven't even finished writing? But here's my thinking (warning: if you know nothing about the plot of this story, none of this is going to make any… Continue reading Rethinking Stories

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Having spent the week revising my prologue and first chapter (since I didn't have the weekend, I figured I could take the slightly shorter route this week; new chapter next time), I've come to one major conclusion: Mythologies are hard to invent. I mean, the thing about mythologies is that they reflect the cultures they… Continue reading Mythology

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Thesis Statement

In keeping with last week's theme of "questions writers hear a lot," I have a new one I'd like to address. It's one that I've been getting a lot lately, especially with yesterday's Easter gathering, where various family members all wanted to know the same thing: What is your novel about? To the average person,… Continue reading Thesis Statement

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Idea Genesis: Ultimately Unimportant

In ancient Greece, genius was thought to exist outside of the body, in the form of a daemon or muse who supplied inspiration for whatever human happened to be attached to them. This was a lovely theory, because it made it easy for writers to answer the question, "Where do you get your ideas?" But… Continue reading Idea Genesis: Ultimately Unimportant