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The Value of a Good Genre Film

Well, folks, with the Golden Globes just past, the SAG awards just winding down, and the Oscars poking their glittery little noses around the corner, it's that time of the year again: pretentious movie appreciation season! Detecting a note of bitterness, are you? Yeah, you caught me. Don't get me wrong--I'm 100% movie nerd, right… Continue reading The Value of a Good Genre Film


Ranting McRanty Pants; or, Why Joel Stein Can Kiss My Ass

Today's planned post has been put on hold in favor of venting. Regularly scheduled programming resumes Sunday. For those of you who don't spend an ungodly amount of time on Twitter and thus don't immediately catch wind of things like this, today comedy writer Joel Stein published an article in the New York Times called… Continue reading Ranting McRanty Pants; or, Why Joel Stein Can Kiss My Ass

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In my novel class last week, my teacher, the esteemed Professor Bosworth, gave us a worksheet written by John Gardner, an American novelist best known for his writing how-to guide On Moral Fiction, which basically pissed a lot of people off. The worksheet we read features 26 writing exercises, and it has a lengthy introduction… Continue reading Exercises

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Thesis Statement

In keeping with last week's theme of "questions writers hear a lot," I have a new one I'd like to address. It's one that I've been getting a lot lately, especially with yesterday's Easter gathering, where various family members all wanted to know the same thing: What is your novel about? To the average person,… Continue reading Thesis Statement