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What the Hell is Magical Realism

If you've been around this blog for a while, you probably already know that I take great issue with the way genre is treated in the academic world. Specifically, the way that scifi and fantasy and other "genre fiction" get relegated to the "popular" and therefore unworthy of study category, while "literature" is lauded as… Continue reading What the Hell is Magical Realism

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The Value of a Good Genre Film

Well, folks, with the Golden Globes just past, the SAG awards just winding down, and the Oscars poking their glittery little noses around the corner, it's that time of the year again: pretentious movie appreciation season! Detecting a note of bitterness, are you? Yeah, you caught me. Don't get me wrong--I'm 100% movie nerd, right… Continue reading The Value of a Good Genre Film


Trailer Travesties (forgive my alliteration)

As any of you who have been following my budding movie reviewing career know, I recently saw Joss Whedon's newest film, the Cabin in the Woods. It was amazing. You can read my review of it over on Flickboom. Seriously, go see that movie right now. Unless you are weak of constitution and/or regularly faint at… Continue reading Trailer Travesties (forgive my alliteration)


Ranting McRanty Pants; or, Why Joel Stein Can Kiss My Ass

Today's planned post has been put on hold in favor of venting. Regularly scheduled programming resumes Sunday. For those of you who don't spend an ungodly amount of time on Twitter and thus don't immediately catch wind of things like this, today comedy writer Joel Stein published an article in the New York Times called… Continue reading Ranting McRanty Pants; or, Why Joel Stein Can Kiss My Ass