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How the Cabin in the Woods Should Have Ended (SPOILERS FTW)

Yes, we are going to talk about this movie again. Shut up. It was amazing. But, it was not perfect. There is one thing about it that rubs me entirely the wrong direction, and it's at the very end so I couldn't write about it in my review. So now that I've been pestering you… Continue reading How the Cabin in the Woods Should Have Ended (SPOILERS FTW)


Trailer Travesties (forgive my alliteration)

As any of you who have been following my budding movie reviewing career know, I recently saw Joss Whedon's newest film,┬áthe Cabin in the Woods. It was amazing. You can read my review of it over on Flickboom. Seriously, go see that movie right now. Unless you are weak of constitution and/or regularly faint at… Continue reading Trailer Travesties (forgive my alliteration)