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The Thematic Gravity of Death

Back when I was still in school, where I had to read Serious Texts and Think Seriously about them from a Serious Creative Viewpoint, I read a lot of books in which people died. Character death wasn't just popular--it was required. Once, in a short story class, I received the packet of required reading and my friend… Continue reading The Thematic Gravity of Death

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Female vs. Male Narratives in Cloud Atlas

If you haven't read/seen Cloud Atlas, you've probably at least heard of it (but beware the SPOILERS). I wrote a review of the movie about 9 months ago, when it first came out (it's kind of a disaster, especially in the make-up department), and recently finished reading the book, which is far better than the film (though… Continue reading Female vs. Male Narratives in Cloud Atlas


Ranting McRanty Pants; or, Why Joel Stein Can Kiss My Ass

Today's planned post has been put on hold in favor of venting. Regularly scheduled programming resumes Sunday. For those of you who don't spend an ungodly amount of time on Twitter and thus don't immediately catch wind of things like this, today comedy writer Joel Stein published an article in the New York Times called… Continue reading Ranting McRanty Pants; or, Why Joel Stein Can Kiss My Ass

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Super Sad True Love Story

This post is a super duper spoily mcspoilerson. Don't read it if you are planning to read this book. Which, in my humble opinion, would be mostly a waste of time, but it is a NY Times bestseller and it's all Literature-y and stuff, so some of you might still want to. No judging. Also,… Continue reading Super Sad True Love Story