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Female vs. Male Narratives in Cloud Atlas

If you haven't read/seen Cloud Atlas, you've probably at least heard of it (but beware the SPOILERS). I wrote a review of the movie about 9 months ago, when it first came out (it's kind of a disaster, especially in the make-up department), and recently finished reading the book, which is far better than the film (though… Continue reading Female vs. Male Narratives in Cloud Atlas

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Hair Color is Not Character Development

I've been doing a lot of very specific whining about things that people like lately, so I thought we'd take a break and talk about something else. For now, anyway. I mean. I am reading Cloud Atlas and I have Problems with it, so that might crop up here soonish, but today we are going… Continue reading Hair Color is Not Character Development

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Why I’m Excited About Finding Dory

Believe it or not, good peeps of the Internet, I have been in Disneyland for the past couple days (as you probably know if you follow me on twitter). Auto-posting is a wondrous thing. Thus, I have been able to enjoy my vacation instead of stressing out over the last week of BEDA (I just… Continue reading Why I’m Excited About Finding Dory

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Psychopaths in Fiction

I've covered a lot of topics over the past couple weeks, what with this post-every-day nonsense (whose idea was this again? Oh yeah, mine), but we still haven't touched on my very favorite subject: villains. I love villains. They are the most interesting part of any story, in my personal opinion, and a story with… Continue reading Psychopaths in Fiction

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Doctor Who & the Awful Companions

Okay, people, I know the Hunger Games movie just came out and everyone's all excited and posting about it, BUT! Something else big happened this past week in the world of sci-fi nerds, which I think deserves a bit of a nod and, in true Whoosh fashion, excessively critical over-analysis. What happened, you ask? Well,… Continue reading Doctor Who & the Awful Companions