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Oscar Shorts 2014: Animated

Last week I told you what I thought of the live action Oscar nominated shorts for the upcoming Oscars, which means this week we get to talk about the much more light-hearted animated shorts. I don't know what it is about animation that makes people opt for happier stories, but pretty much every year the… Continue reading Oscar Shorts 2014: Animated

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Easy A: A Study in Slut-Shaming, Part II: Marianne

Welcome back to another installment of Morgan-cares-way-too-much-about-movies: Easy A edition! For those of you just tuning in now, be sure to start with my post from last week about the film's protagonist, Olive Penderghast. Today, we're moving on to the character who is, arguably, the film's antagonist: Marianne Bryant, played by Amanda Bynes. Marianne's defining… Continue reading Easy A: A Study in Slut-Shaming, Part II: Marianne


Avengers and the Movie Revolution

As you read this, I am in the great city of Los Angeles, probably getting a tan and maybe even watching the Avengers (work, work, work). As I write this, I am still in anticipation of getting to do these things, and it is pretty killer. For now, though, let's chat.┬áBecause I have to get… Continue reading Avengers and the Movie Revolution