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Oscar Shorts 2014: Animated

Last week I told you what I thought of the live action Oscar nominated shorts for the upcoming Oscars, which means this week we get to talk about the much more light-hearted animated shorts. I don't know what it is about animation that makes people opt for happier stories, but pretty much every year the… Continue reading Oscar Shorts 2014: Animated

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Why I Don’t Like Up

So here is something that might make you not like me: I think Disney Pixar's film Up is a terrible movie. No, really! It's a bad film. And not just because its absurdly short name makes it almost impossible to search for online/in a store directory/at movie rental shops (yes, those do still exist, surprisingly… Continue reading Why I Don’t Like Up

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Oscar Shorts 2012: Animated

There's a theater in the University District called the Varsity, and every year right before the Oscars they do showings of all of the nominated short films. Words cannot describe how brilliant this idea is. Ever since I found out about it (which, admittedly, was only last year), I've been going. It makes you feel… Continue reading Oscar Shorts 2012: Animated