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I Read It First: The Scorch Trials

After slogging through two books in this shitty fucking series, my thought process regarding it has pretty much been reduced to crazed, maniacal laughter. But I am going to try to use my words, just for you, dear readers. Just. For. You. The Book: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner Genre: YA, scifi, second in a series First… Continue reading I Read It First: The Scorch Trials

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Reading Diversity Check-In

We're halfway through this year of me trying to both read diverse books and also read all of the (decidedly un-diverse) books getting adapted into movies this year. How have these parallel goals affected my actual reading habits? Well, some interesting results have certainly popped up. Given that 17 out of 23 of the movie-adapted… Continue reading Reading Diversity Check-In

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I Read It First

December is here, it's almost the end of 2014, and 2015 is bearing down fast, and here I sit, staring at my blog, thinking, "How could I make this thing into EVEN MORE of a time suck?" At least, that's what I was apparently thinking two months ago, when almost entirely on a whim I… Continue reading I Read It First