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The Princess Bride

Those of you (all 5 of you or whatever) who follow me on twitter already know this, but I recently read The Princess Bride, the book, which preceded the film, and it made me about twenty different varieties of pissed off. If I could go back in time and erase not only my memory of reading… Continue reading The Princess Bride

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Liking Things That Aren’t Excellent

I've just finished reading Haunted by Chuck Palaniuk. It is the second novel of his that I've read (the first being Fight Club, which I have complained about before), and definitely my favorite of the two, as it has lead me to the conclusion that I quite like Chuck Palaniuk as a writer. His work isn't… Continue reading Liking Things That Aren’t Excellent

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The Thematic Gravity of Death

Back when I was still in school, where I had to read Serious Texts and Think Seriously about them from a Serious Creative Viewpoint, I read a lot of books in which people died. Character death wasn't just popular--it was required. Once, in a short story class, I received the packet of required reading and my friend… Continue reading The Thematic Gravity of Death

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Song Messages That Need to Stop

Have you ever noticed how songs seem to always be about the same things? There are exceptions, of course--there's only one Thrift Shop or Red Solo Cup--but for the most part, songs are written along the same basic lines. I do not have a problem with this. Generally, what popular music lacks in creativity it makes up… Continue reading Song Messages That Need to Stop


Non-Romantic Relationships in Fandom

Note: I realized in the course of writing this post that there are a lot of related vocabulary words that are probably unfamiliar to people who don't hang out on Tumblr all the time. For your elucidation, I have bolded such phrases and included a glossary at the bottom. You're all probably aware of what a fangirl… Continue reading Non-Romantic Relationships in Fandom

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A Rant About Linguistic Pedantry

Hey guys, remember that time I got all up in the prescriptive vs. descriptive grammar debate? Yeah, it's time for more of that.One of my favorite channels on YouTube is the Mental Floss channel, which is narrated by John Green and regularly comes out with videos full of Top-whatever lists about history and science and… Continue reading A Rant About Linguistic Pedantry

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This is Not the Zombie Apocalypse

Hey kids. It's ranting time. I don't really have a preamble for this, so let's go. Smart phone users are not zombies. Did you catch that? Should I repeat it? Smart. Phone. Users. Are. Not. Zombies. I have noticed an incredible tendency in both the social media and offline worlds to equate people who use… Continue reading This is Not the Zombie Apocalypse