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Reversing the Damsel in Distress Trope

If you spend any amount of time in either feminist or gamer circles online, chances are you know about Anita Sarkeesian. If not, you should absolutely check out her web series Feminist Frequency, because what she lacks in delivery (seriously, Anita, I love you, but learn to inflect) she makes up for in detailed research and thought-provoking… Continue reading Reversing the Damsel in Distress Trope


Barbie, Sports Illustrated, & Incoherent Rage

I now interrupt your regularly scheduled posts to bring you some feminist rage. Regular post will still go up on Monday. Being a person who believes that women are complex and intelligent human beings deserving of respect (read: a feminist) sometimes means having your entire day ruined by a headline. Today is one of those… Continue reading Barbie, Sports Illustrated, & Incoherent Rage

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The Princess Bride

Those of you (all 5 of you or whatever) who follow me on twitter already know this, but I recently read The Princess Bride, the book, which preceded the film, and it made me about twenty different varieties of pissed off. If I could go back in time and erase not only my memory of reading… Continue reading The Princess Bride

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Liking Things That Aren’t Excellent

I've just finished reading Haunted by Chuck Palaniuk. It is the second novel of his that I've read (the first being Fight Club, which I have complained about before), and definitely my favorite of the two, as it has lead me to the conclusion that I quite like Chuck Palaniuk as a writer. His work isn't… Continue reading Liking Things That Aren’t Excellent

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The Thematic Gravity of Death

Back when I was still in school, where I had to read Serious Texts and Think Seriously about them from a Serious Creative Viewpoint, I read a lot of books in which people died. Character death wasn't just popular--it was required. Once, in a short story class, I received the packet of required reading and my friend… Continue reading The Thematic Gravity of Death