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Women in Supernatural

This post was suppose to go out in two weeks, but a blog pact member defaulted this week, so you're getting it now. Enjoy! Before I bust into this post, two disclaimers are in order. First: I have only recently (read: about five months ago) begun watching Supernatural, and am now in the middle of… Continue reading Women in Supernatural

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Let’s Talk About Hannibal; or, Thank You for the Nightmares

I don't much care for horror films. Aside from Cabin in the Woods, which is less a horror film than it is an exciting meta action-adventure that just happens to feature a lot of blood, they just aren't very interesting to me. The way I see it, a good horror movie is suppose to scare you, and… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Hannibal; or, Thank You for the Nightmares



I know. Vaguest title ever, right? But actually it is a name of a thing. But the thing has another name, too. You might know it better by the other name, which is Swimming Anime. Although most likely you have not heard of that either, because most people don't spend as much time on Tumblr… Continue reading Free!

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Thunderbirds Are Go!

Yesterday, I gave you all an earful about why you should criticize things that you like, because it is possible for a show to be really and truly excellent and still deeply flawed. Today, we're taking things in a whole other direction, and I am going to tell you about a show that I love… Continue reading Thunderbirds Are Go!

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Criticize What You Love

I spend a lot of time criticizing things. You may have noticed, since I'm basically writing a blog where the entire point is to be critical (and snarky, but that's not really on purpose). When I find something that I really like, my first instinct, after I've finished dancing around being thrilled with it, is… Continue reading Criticize What You Love