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Drunk Movie Monday – Can’t Stop the Music

Soooo, you remember the Spice Girls movie? The one that's just a series of random events with a barely coherent plot serving almost entirely as a vehicle for unrelated music videos full of weird costumes? And how it contains an entirely fictional story of the origin of the band? Yeah, so there's one of those… Continue reading Drunk Movie Monday – Can’t Stop the Music

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Terrible Johnny Depp Movies

Like many adolescent girls before me, I went through something of a Johnny Depp phase after Pirates of the Caribbean first came out. In the space of about a week, I went from "Johnny Depp who?" to "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS JOHNNY DEPP IS SO HOT," in typical pubescent human fashion. But of course, since… Continue reading Terrible Johnny Depp Movies


Awesome Scenes in Movies that Sucked

There are a lot of bad movies out there. A lot of them. And most of them aren't even worth watching for the so-bad-it's-good factor, which means a lot of wasted film reel. That said, occasionally, in the middle of a huge pile of suck, you'll come across a shining beacon of sheer awesome that almost… Continue reading Awesome Scenes in Movies that Sucked