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I Read It First: Mortdecai

Finally, a book in this series that I'm actually excited about. Which is not to say that Mortdecai is flawless, but rather that movie people don't choose very interesting source material most of the time. Let's get into some pompous mystery satire, shall we? The Book: The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery by Kyril Bonfiglioli (completed after his death by Craig… Continue reading I Read It First: Mortdecai

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Terrible Johnny Depp Movies

Like many adolescent girls before me, I went through something of a Johnny Depp phase after Pirates of the Caribbean first came out. In the space of about a week, I went from "Johnny Depp who?" to "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS JOHNNY DEPP IS SO HOT," in typical pubescent human fashion. But of course, since… Continue reading Terrible Johnny Depp Movies

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Drunk Movie Monday – Crybaby

Like many girls my age, I went through a period immediately after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean in which I was absolutely obsessed with Johnny Depp. My mother had a similar interest, and so we set out on a quest to watch every movie he had ever filmed, including the deeply questionable ones (there… Continue reading Drunk Movie Monday – Crybaby