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Spam Poetry Revisited

I was writing another post for today, but it got a little out of hand. Like, the kind of out of hand that happened that time I wrote about Easy A in eight parts. This one will probably go up later, maybe as more than one post, after I have done some more example-gathering and research, but for now I need another plan.


Remember that time I made a found-poem out of spam comments? Yup, it’s happening again, and this time around my spammers have gotten really creative. And multilingual. And sexual. Like last time, words within comments have not been re-arranged, and punctuation only occasionally tweaked, with added line breaks. Each stanza is a single comment. Enjoy.


O, O, O

I don’t believe, I will eat his evil Dan!
The woman in that snake of Jiao Jiao
twisted several bottoms, sudden way, died,
her skin bag’s pouring was pretty quite good.

Xi Xi, elder sister–you if can not go down a hand,
that is a younger sister of I
go to and take for you!

Of course, this Hochzeitskleider 2014* does not mean
that a woman does not care about protecting steep,
even dull feeling again, he also has the ability
to distinguish between good and bad women.
For Mayu and Lihua, he also has his own views.
Wolchon Mayu’s simple, earnest,
a strong tendons pass in the end, these are wort

danner light, Metropolis can be recognized for the ice cold summer
season errors, sharp running hills, varied mix Victorian
along with current architectural mastery, and its peninsular spot.

Vintage bandage dresses were donned by celebrities
including Victoria Beckham
and Keira Knightly.

I’m not talking about sexual intercourse
Pistols, Stockton, mother city: charcoal
Flag, genetic, dry Kennedys, Minor impending danger,
christian louboutin Fugazi.
These groups did their stuff,
Came their euxmêm discs.
And these discs,
We buy**

O, O, O, to touch and feel various girls vaginas and hymens


Alluringly yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“Personally i think this kind of as the writer offers significant knowing with this subject. Very good publish. I uncovered your internet site ideal for my personal needs” – spam comment

*This is actually a link that was in the original comment; it’s not a virus, I promise. It is, however, a link to a spam-style blog post that is a work of sheer poetry in its own right. Also, Google translate tells me this word means “wedding dresses” in German

**This is a google translation of the original comment, which was mostly in French: “Je ne parle pas des sexual intercourse Pistols, à Stockton, mother ville : charcoal Flag, genetic, dry Kennedys, Minor impending danger, christian louboutin Fugazi. Ces groupes faisaient leurs trucs, Sortaient leurs disques euxmêm. Et ces disques,Nous les achetions.”

Image courtesy of epSos.de on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Spam Poetry Revisited”

  1. I got an slightly-too-many-syllables-for-a-haiku from my spams. I added a little punctuation and line breaks:

    Some Awful Honest truth
    Regarding Your Amazing japan Desire:
    glow necklaces in bulk

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