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Spam Poetry: the Reckoning

Greetings fine denizens of the internet! This past weekend was Emerald City Comicon, which was absolutely wonderful, as per usual, but also exhausting, which always somehow surprises me. TARDIS   I am citing this as validation in my decision to return yet again to my running gag (read: trick I use to distract you from the fact that I didn’t actually write anything this week) and make a found poem out of spam comments. Appropriately, given how much money I spent on (spectacular! adorable! expensive!) art this weekend, today’s poem is all about the glories of marketing. Take it away, spambots.

A pivotal disunite of merchandising

You power seek to uphold this equilibrium.
This requirement for your hemorrhoids, but
they are doing, with angelical sanity.

Is it indication for your property when you buy
thing that is not genuine, as far as you hoped,
or it doesn’t feature see bells
and whistles to a Canada Goose Coats

it’s selfsame world-shaking assets
in either online or at an online,
be confident, you let them severalize.

(location is no way of you
they do not see any
noesis about aboutdeals)

For a slimmer natural object
silhouette with jewelry,
evaluate Michael Kors Handbags
Outlet if you guess should

A pivotal disunite of merchandising
your jewellery while which design
outright appearance more fitted.

be utilized to produce much
create from raw material.
Don’t be intimidated
break with early ingredients’ component part.

accomplishment game. preserve.

A divest scrutiny estimation is something you can believe on,
you do not take a shit a purchase.
on the exhilaration playing period
your create mentally to get an extra
dismiss when bought in or is not
enclosed in the outset and end up


Drowsily yours,
M.M. Jordahl

“What a data oof un-ambiguіty and preserveness of precious familiarity
regarding unprediсted feelings.” -spam comment

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