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Oscar Shorts 2015: Animated

As per usual, the animated Oscar shorts far outshone the live-action ones this year. Is it even a competition anymore? ...was it ever? I guess that's why they have separate categories. The animated shorts kick ass every time. 1. Me and My Moulton (Canada/Norway) First up, we have the endearing tale of a young girl, her two sisters, and… Continue reading Oscar Shorts 2015: Animated

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Oscar Shorts 2015: Live Action

Welp, it's awards season, and that means only one thing here on Whoosh: Oscar short film reviews! This week you're getting the live-action, and next week (which is actually going to be after the Oscars air because I didn't get my shit together much in advance this year) you'll get the animated. If you're in the… Continue reading Oscar Shorts 2015: Live Action

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Drunk Movie Monday – Can’t Stop the Music

Soooo, you remember the Spice Girls movie? The one that's just a series of random events with a barely coherent plot serving almost entirely as a vehicle for unrelated music videos full of weird costumes? And how it contains an entirely fictional story of the origin of the band? Yeah, so there's one of those… Continue reading Drunk Movie Monday – Can’t Stop the Music

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Drunk Movie Monday – Snow Buddies

I told you there would be posts other than I Read It First! Alright, so it's not Monday, but sometimes Drunk Movie Monday just happens on Thursdays, okay? And this is one of those weeks, because it's a new year, and thus we have a brand-new opportunity to get drunk watching bad films. So why… Continue reading Drunk Movie Monday – Snow Buddies

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I Read It First

December is here, it's almost the end of 2014, and 2015 is bearing down fast, and here I sit, staring at my blog, thinking, "How could I make this thing into EVEN MORE of a time suck?" At least, that's what I was apparently thinking two months ago, when almost entirely on a whim I… Continue reading I Read It First