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The Car Stereo Game

Yellow! (It rhymes with hello--get it?) Tomorrow is my little brother's 21st birthday. My little brother is pretty great as little brothers go, and I like him well enough, so his pending birthday has me remembering funny shit that happened when we were little. Remembering it made me want to write about it, so I… Continue reading The Car Stereo Game

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At Depth

Hello. This is going to be a weird post. It is going to be a weird post because I spent this past weekend getting dive certified, which, when done in the Puget Sound, involves a lot of hauling around heavy things and swimming through really cold water while wearing clothing that doesn't like it when… Continue reading At Depth

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I’m a video game writer!

No, really, guys. That headline. It's true. This awesome gaming start-up called Flat Toe Studio hired me to write their story for them and I am freaking PSYCHED. Who wouldn't be? I get to write a video game! Well, kind of. I mean, I have been hired and I do get to write the game,… Continue reading I’m a video game writer!

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Reflections on BEDA

Well, folks, I seem to have made it to the end. Today is the last day of BEDA. 30 days, 30 blog posts, 24 different topics (have you seen Easy A yet? Because you should see Easy A. I wrote eight blog posts about it). Somehow I managed to pull this off, though I am not really… Continue reading Reflections on BEDA

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Blogger award tag? What?

And now for something completely different! I got nominated for one of those blogger award/tag things (in this case, a Liebster Award) by this lovely individual, and since this is BEDA and coming up with post ideas is freaking hard, man, I'm going to do it. Maybe you will learn something about me that you don't… Continue reading Blogger award tag? What?