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Adventures in Walking into Traffic

A couple weeks ago, my friend Gavin wrote a lovely piece about all of his near-death experiences. You should go read it, because it is one hell of a story. When he first mentioned it on Twitter, I jokingly told him that I could never write such a thing, because most of my near-death experiences… Continue reading Adventures in Walking into Traffic

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Spam is Poetry

I get a lot of spam messages. I have been getting more of them in recent weeks due to my unusually high posting volume. A lot of people hate getting spam messages, but I've developed a certain fondness for the things. They just try so hard to sound like people, you know? So many almost-sentences.… Continue reading Spam is Poetry

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Twitter Echoes

Alright, so we're getting to the middle stretch of the month, and it is getting really hard to come up with things to blog about. Today is not a day of great inspiration, so rather than try to cobble together an Opinion on something, I'm just going to randomly talk for a little bit about… Continue reading Twitter Echoes

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Childhood Superstitions

I have a really weird quirk. Well, really, it's more like an entirely useless superpower, which nevertheless occasionally freaks people out and always inspires disbelief. I've had it literally my whole life, and no, I cannot teach you how to do it. I'm not even really sure how I do it. It's not intentional. I… Continue reading Childhood Superstitions

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Why “You’re Beautiful” is a Terrible Pick-Up Line

This post is going to be slightly off-topic from the sort of thing I generally talk about, because this has nothing to do with books or stories or movies or anything like that at all (I suspect there are going to be more of these non-media-related posts in April because, oops, I can't actually read/watch… Continue reading Why “You’re Beautiful” is a Terrible Pick-Up Line